New York City Probate and Estate Administration Lawyer

My name is Barry Seidel. I am a lawyer based in Queens who represents clients throughout the New York City metropolitan area in legal matters related to probate, estate administration, kinship, wrongful death and other estate matters. To learn how I can help you resolve your estate-related legal situation, contact me at my law firm — Barry Seidel & Associates, Attorneys at Law.

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My practice focuses on probate and estate administration. These are situations where someone has died, and a new legal entity — the decedent's estate — comes into existence to cover the whole range of legal relationships and commitments that arise out of a person's death.

Sometimes the person who died leaves instructions in a will, and sometimes they do not. Either way, someone will need to deal with the estate's assets, debts, taxes and other matters. My practice assists clients through all points in the process.

Counsel for Local and Out-of-State Executors and Administrators

I have been in practice since 1982, and over the years I've encountered just about any kind of legal problem you can imagine. My experience and versatility can be invaluable to estate administrators and trustees. I handle probate and intestate administration for executors or administrators in all of New York City's five boroughs, Long Island and Westchester.

I give my clients personal service and creative solutions for the full range of problems that can come up after a death in the family. I treat people with respect and listen very carefully to their problems. Then I work very hard to create practical, efficient solutions.

In addition to handling a variety of probate and estate matters, I can also provide a referral if your legal needs extend past the scope of my practice or they need resolution in another state. I have worked with and been opposed by lawyers throughout New York State and around the country, so I can recommend dependable counsel for my clients based on first-hand experience.

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Whether your main concern involves a will, estate rights, insurance, access to bank accounts, the sale of real property, or what to do about a notice from the Public Administrator in Queens or any other New York county, I can advise you about your options. Contact my Jamaica law office to learn more about the scope of my practice.